portraits of a hot mess

new hair + doodle

portrait 4: odin


odin is considered the "chief" god in norse mythology. he represents wisdom, war, battle, death, magic, poetry, prophecy, victory, and the hunt. but you may know him as mr. wednesday from neil gaimen's american gods.

portrait 3: diane arbus

pencil and, um, tin foil.

diane arbus is a photographer my sister really got me into. she was renowned for capturing the "weird" parts of life, as well as...erm...offing herself. here's the reference picture i used:

as you can see, i didn't quite capture her artistic apathy, or even the slightly drunken tilt of her head. in fact, im not quite happy with this one at all.

actually, i like the eye.

here are some of her photographs:

portrait 2: grace jones

pencil and charcoal

not really too thrilled about this one, but i succesfully drew my first gun!

portrait 1: pink

pencil and pink marker

looks nothing like pink, really, but its a good start considering i've never done a "realistic" portrait before...

plus, has anyone seen this frikken grammy preformance? incredible.

making a goddamn dress: prologue

so, the other day i kind of decided i need a dress. not that i dont have a dress. in fact, i have two:

but i thought it'd be an interesting test of will-power to stitch me up a little number. so while my friend and i were terrorizing wal-mart, i took the opprotunity to get one of those NEW LOOK dress tutorials:

im kind of digging the third one, but we'll see what kind of fabric i can afford (so, it'll probably be solid and itchy). i'll keep you posted.

he, she, WE wumbo